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Contract Briefs

Atwater Creamery Co. v. Western Natl Mut. Ins. Co
Bausch & Lomb v. Bressler
Campbell v. Carr
Chronister Oil Co. v. Unocal Refining & Marketing
Erlich v. Menezes
Freund v. Washington Square Press, Inc.
Guilford Transportation Industries v. Public Utilities Commission
Hadley v. Baxendale
Handicapped Children's Education Bd. v. Lukaszewski
Hollywood Fantasy Corp. v. Gabor
In re Marriage of Smith & Maescher
In re WorldCom, Inc
In re WorldCom, Inc(Part 2)
Kenford Co. v. County of Erie
Lane v. Kindercare Learning Centers, Inc.
Mears v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance. Co
Myskina v. Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. v. G.W. Thomas Drayage & Rigging Co.
Parol Evidence Rule.htm
Printing Center of Texas, Inc. v. Supermind Publishing Company
Rancho Pescado, Inc. v. Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co
Sound Techniques v. Hoffman
Systems and Software, Inc. v. Barnes
Van Wagner Advertising Corp. v. S & M Enterprises
Wedner v. Fidelity Security Systems
Wholesale Sand & Gravel, Inc. v. Decker
Wolfgang v. Mid-America Motorsports
Wullschleger & Co. v. Jenny Fashions, Inc
Yocca v. Pittsburgh Steelers Sports, Inc.