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Creating A Law School Student Professional Network


About Us

I am a current Law School student that is experiencing the preverbal rollercoaster of triumphs and tribulation through trial and error.

After the first semester of only producing "brief" case briefs without understanding fact patterns and rules in their entirety, I decided to break down cases paragraph by paragraph and argument by argument.  This has allowed me to quickly go back and review cases without being thoroughly exhausted and pull out rules and spectrum arguments for my outline.

Basically, I am just trying to learn like everybody else, and if this website can help you out by saving you review time, then the Law School World is one student happier with more time on their hands to review.

Also, I am have an Amazon Affiliation that allows this website to sale you books at a discounted rate.  I was shocked how much money I spent at the Law School Book store, and how much I saved by using Amazon.  May be I can save you money as well.

Contact Us

I would like to remain anonymous for now, but you can contact me at













Our Goal

To provide Socratic interrogation proof case briefs that allow students to see fact pattern arguments, and the reasoning behind the application of rules and public policy.

After summer semester tests are finished I will publish case briefs for Contracts I, Torts I, LRW, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Property I.

Once I open up this website to allow user login, I hope everybody will share their case briefs, outlines and practice test questions.

In the future I would like to create an alert system that allows students to sends alert requests to users of this website for help pertaining to theories, notes, class, etc...

In addition, students will have the ability to link their own Google AdSense adds to their posts that can be revenue generating.